A Russian man beheaded his girlfriend “because the cabbage soup she cooked wasn't tasty.” In this representative photo, a police car is parked in front of the Russian Alfa Bank in Lviv, Nov. 28, 2018. Getty Images/ Yuri DYACHYSHYN

According to Russian police, a man beheaded his girlfriend “because the cabbage soup she cooked wasn't tasty.” The 43-year-old murder suspect was detained by the police after the headless corpse of the 47-year-old woman was discovered at the couple’s home in Kozlovka village, located in the Smolensk region, Russia.

“The man became angry because his wife cooked tasteless Shchi [cabbage] soup,” a law enforcement source told a local news media outlet, Mail Online reported.

After killing his girlfriend, the unnamed suspect reportedly tried to take his own life but failed to do so before the police arrived. The incident was being investigated as “deliberate murder” which comes under the first section of article 105 of the Russian criminal code.

According to local residents, the man had recently lost his job and developed a drinking habit. “Previously he never suffered from this bad habit, and nobody could recall any aggressive behavior,” a local report said, citing neighbors.

Although the exact date of the incident was not known, multiple reports confirmed it was the second such case in this week. The first case involved a woman from the Penza region, Russia, stabbing her husband 35 times, after he complained about not having enough salt in the food she had prepared.

Slava Davydkin, 43, the victim was a fisherman by profession who succumbed to his injuries after his wife attacked him. After he complained about a dish she served to guests who had come to their house, his wife, Evgenia Davydkin, 31, waited for her husband to fall asleep before stabbing him multiple times with his angling knife in front of their 4-year-old child.

She later confessed to killing her husband and was put under house arrest.