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A New Delhi man was arrested for stabbing his wife to death following an argument while their daughter slept in the next room. In this image, an ambulance enters the street where 11 family members were found dead inside their home in the neighbourhood of Burari in New Delhi, July 1, 2018. SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images

A New Delhi man was arrested Thursday for stabbing his wife to death following an argument.

Vikash Sharma had an argument with his wife Savita on Monday after some people arrived at their home demanding repayment of the money that she had borrowed from them to run her business. The disagreement continued and in a fit of rage, Sharma picked up a sharp object and stabbed Savita in the nape of her neck. She fell unconscious and died on the spot. When the crime took place, the couple’s 10-year-old daughter was sleeping in the next room.

To cover up the crime, Sharma called up one of Savita’s employees the following morning and told her that he wasn’t able to contact his wife since the time she left home for work the previous morning. He asked the woman to go to the house and check if his wife was alright. Accordingly, the employee went to the house and saw Savita lying unconscious on the floor. She immediately informed the police. Sharma returned home and acted shocked about his wife's death, local daily the Times of India reported.

The body was sent for autopsy. Police became suspicious when the autopsy report did not match with Sharma’s narrative. The officials then checked his location on the day of the incident based on his phone activity, which again contradicted his statement.

Sharma was taken into custody and the weapon used in the crime was recovered. During interrogation, he confessed to killing his wife. He also added that the two were married for over 12 years and that he was planning to separate from her due to frequent fights.

In a similar incident in October 2018, a New Delhi man strangulated his wife to death in presence of their two-year-old daughter after accusing her of infidelity. The man then kept the body for a day at home, confused about whether to dump it or confess to the crime. The following day, he went to the police station and confessed to the crime stating that he was drunk and angry over his wife’s friendship with two men, NDTV reported.