An American male is in custody after allegedly stabbing his Japanese wife in Tokyo on Wednesday. NHK public television reports the two were heading to court to settle a divorce, but the woman, Kyoko Wilson, 31, was attacked near a security check while arriving at Tokyo Family court.

The unidentified suspect, who is 32-years-old, was sitting in the lobby of the court building when he went after her, KYODO News reports. He was in possession of three knives as well as bottles with a liquid that was possibly gasoline.

He then reportedly proceeded to stab Wilson in the neck before fleeing to a nearby park. The man was taken into custody soon after and arrested under suspicion of attempted murder.

The wife was taken to the hospital where she was soon after pronounced dead, police said, according to the AP

The motive of the male is currently unclear, but he had self-inflicted cuts on his wrists at the time of the incident, reports KYODO News.