Footage of a man repeatedly punching a dog in north Queensland, Australia, has sparked outrage.

The incident took place on Green Street in North Mackay on Feb. 13.

The video of the incident released by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on Wednesday shows the man coaxing the dog to come closer, before pinning it on the ground and punching it repeatedly over a dozen times. The man gets up and the canine can be seen running off. The man then walks away with a woman, who didn’t stop the man during the attack.

RSPCA is now seeking public assistance to find the man.

“The RSPCA is appealing to the public for any information that might lead to the identification of a man who brutally attacked and punched a dog in Mackay. The man’s companion can be seen watching the attack but takes no action,” the organization wrote on Facebook.

The condition of the dog remained unknown and RSPCA was looking for the dog in the video. It was also not known if the dog belonged to the man.

The video has sparked outrage among social media users.

“I am physically shaken by this,” one person wrote.

“I wish I didn't see this,” another said.

Speaking to ABC, RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said, "Personally, I find the attack very disturbing, I mean the attack just went on and on. What's really disturbing is that it seems totally unprovoked — the dog didn't act aggressively in any of the vision that we've seen and the dog had no idea what was going to happen when he went to the man.”

"You have to wonder about the inner violence of someone who would do something like this to a defenseless creature,” he said, adding that the organization was planning to launch a prosecution case against the man once he is identified.

Queensland Police said it is not investigating the attack.

“This is being dealt with by the RSPCA, they actually prosecute their own matters,” a Queensland Police spokeswoman said, reported.

The man could face up to three years imprisonment or a fine of up to $200,000 if found guilty under the Animal Care and Protection Act.

Anybody with information about the man or the dog is requested to contact 300 264 625.

In a similar case of animal cruelty in Australia in December, 2018, a dog chocked to death while trying to escape from a hot car. The canine was found hanging from its collar which was still attached to the seatbelt. Post the incident, RSPCA asked people not to leave their pets unattended and to keep them in shade.