The Houston Police Department's Major Offenders Livestock and Animal Cruelty Unit in the Rice Village area of Houston arrested a man on Valentine’s Day after he was accused of propositioning an undercover female officer to have sex with his three pet dogs.

Juan Pablo Tschen, 31, was taken into custody as part of a sting operation conducted by the police with the intention to expose people engaging in similar behavior in the area. He was charged with three counts of bestiality.

“He approached an undercover officer and offered his animals, his dogs, up for sexual relations with an undercover officer and himself," Sgt. Jason Aldrete, the supervisor who oversees the unit, 6ABC reported. “It's an ultra-underground scene, so we don't know how deep this goes. We're conducting a similar investigation involving bestiality with another couple of people. We believe there is a large group of people in the Houston area, and the state, and the country that are involved in bestiality.”

Houston-based BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions confirmed that three dogs - a four-year-old German Shepard, a three-year-old Jack Russell-mix, and a two-year-old Australian Shepherd - were rescued from Tschen’s property after it was raided by authorities following his arrest. According to authorities, the suspect made a first proposal to pimp out his German Shepherd via text and a second one face-to-face with the officer, while he was accompanied by the same dog.

According to authorities, the accused, who was suspected of engaging similar antics in the past, was not co-operating with the police. “Juan Pablo is a loving brother and son,” Tschen's family said in a statement. “We believe the facts will show there has been a big mistake and that the allegations against him are completely false.”

Aldrete said the background of the suspect made the case more shocking. “It’s a very demented crime," he said. "It’s really sad, and I really hope that the man can get the help he needs. These are people from everyday walks of life. Seemingly normal people, many of them well-educated and they are involved in this.”

However, one unidentified neighbor said the crime was more surprising than where it happened. "Oh geez. That's unbelievable," the neighbor told Click 2 Houston. "I'm not surprised. It occurs anywhere."

Such crimes were treated as animal abuse until a few years ago. According to Animal Law, bestiality was declared a crime in Texas two years ago. “Additionally, a person violates this law if he or she: possesses or provides an animal for such purpose; organizes, promotes or participates in such conduct; permits such conduct at premises under his or her control; engages in conduct listed described in the presence of a child younger than 18 years of age; or advertises, offers, or accepts the offer of an animal with the intent that the animal be used in this state for conduct described,” the law stated.

Tschen was out on a $3,000 bail bond and his three pet dogs were under the care of BARC.