A Philadelphia man has launched a public Google Doc containing every popular meme format ever posted on Twitter, just in case the site permanently shuts down following the chaotic Elon Musk takeover.

Nathan Allebach, 31, a creative director, has created a Google document that contains every type of meme format from the last three years.

Nathan Allenbach
Nathan Allenbach Twitter

Allenbach tweeted he wanted to create the meme archive because of the upheaval occurring since Musk took over the platform, including massive layoffs and the hundreds of employees who recently quit.

Allenbach shared the 105-page Google Doc on Nov. 15 as a resource for other social media managers hoping to keep up with Twitter's joke format.

Two-thirds of the marketing department and 75% of its managers have left Twitter.

In a Blind Post related to the Twitter takeover, one current employee wrote, "It's worse than everything you're reading. Much worse."

Allenbach tweeted Friday, "I don't think Twitter is going down, but the memes are tremendous folks keep 'em coming." Although the predictions about the social media' platforms future very drastically, Allenbach will continue to add to his exhaustive archive of Twitter's most memorable memes.