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The Metaverse has never been more appealing and exciting than it is today. Throughout the industry, developers have come a long way from the birth of the CryptoKitties vision - breeding and collecting cats through NFT technology. Today, the focus shifts to virtual land plots with monetization potential in Decentraland and other similar land-oriented Metaverse ventures.

Land plots once bought for $100 can now be sold for over $10,000, as everyone wants to be part of the Metaverse and solidify their place today. Both crypto enthusiasts and mainstream brands - Coca-Cola, Netflix, Gucci, and other Burberrys - see merit in the virtual world and the opportunities it brings to the table, whether by becoming landowners, NFTs, or otherwise.

While the Metaverse was once considered impossible to achieve, the underpinning technology keeps evolving rapidly. Introducing social aspects will pave the way for building a virtual job economy and other revenue-generating opportunities for everyone. That shift will come and it is a matter if "when" rather than "if".

For those doubting the real-world appeal of the Metaverse, look no further than Facebook rebranding to Meta to captivate a mainstream audience. The lines between crypto and mainstream blur, creating a heterogeneous world where immutable records immortalizing the things we love paves the way for untapped use cases. The Metaverse is maturing before our eyes, and incorporating NFT technology will exponentially elevate the industry’s potential.

And now, with 2022 firmly under way and new trends and projects cropping up by the dozen, we’ve managed to cut through the noise and get the inside scoop from renowned entrepreneur and CEO of NextEarth , Gabor Retfalvi, on why the Metaverse is becoming much, much more than simple lines of code on a server.

Hey Gabor, thanks for your time today, it’s great to put a voice to a name after chatting over email these past few weeks!

Absolutely, thanks for taking the time today to chat, I think we’ve got so much to chat over, and I am really looking forward to this interview!

Absolutely! So, you’re heading up NextEarth, which must be exciting right now given the pace of the market… Can you tell me a bit more about the project?

Next Earth will be much more than an Earth surface based platform selling land, this is just the foundation, the starting point. Thanks to this amazing concept, we were able to fully finance the project without any VC’s or seed investors. This way we will be able to create a truly democratized Metaverse, that will have a self-sustaining economy, that can be created, owned, and governed by the community, and all activities will be monetized by the users themselves thanks to the smart contract allocation system that backs the ecosystem.

Oh cool, so it’s actually different to the majority of projects, because of the economical element… That is neat!

Yes, I think that is key to long term success. We chose this strategic direction because we didn’t want to sell our platform with the promise of VR technology, but we wanted to create a solution to the potential problem of the Metaverse, which is sustainability and lack of economic incentive for the users. Obviously we will focus on VR too, once we know the exact direction our community would like to have, and we have the funds to be able to create something truly immersive, that can match the largest and best quality games/worlds out there. But for now, especially with centralized companies such as Facebook entering the space, it is more important than ever to take true decentralization to the Metaverse. To be able to take a stand you need a functioning economy, that is self-sustainable and satisfies the community in both a mathematical and an entertainment way too.

There’s clearly a demand for immortalising real land, I’ve seen the figures on the website! I read about the charitable element too - Which is really important I think.

Yes, I think one of the most important parts is that from the very first moments we are allocating directly to environmental charity, cause this is not just one of the most important fights to support nowadays, but we hope that it also gives a narrative to future entrepreneurs. So far we were able to donate more than $800k in the first 4 months, but the end game is to become a non-profit organization, once this world is built, and can guide itself on its own and by the community. Even besides this, users were able to earn $750k in commission, and another $700k profit on the Next Earth marketplace by selling their assets. I think any project could be proud of these numbers after a few months of operation.

And this month, you guys have your token issuance too, right?

Yes, on the 27th of January we will launch our NXTT token, that will be the fuel for the Next Earth economy. We decided to create our launchpad, where we will be able to jumpstart future projects wanting to enter the Metaverse, and it was a logical step to start it with our own token right away. This way landowners can be appreciated, and the quality of token holders can be guaranteed more than if outside platforms would decide on important parts of our token distribution. The presale will be between the 22nd and the 27th of January, and after this period the token will be launched on Uniswap DEX.

There will be 5 different tiers/pools that landowners can purchase tokens from, depending on their involvance in terms of time and activity, but most importantly you must have minted a minimum amount of $100 of land on Next Earth to be able to take part in the presale of NXTT tokens. This is detailed in our token launch page here:

Very nice - We’ll be staying tuned for that one. What else have you guys got in the works?

Many many things, but the majority of our strategies that will drive the next few months, will be introduced after the token launch, so we can focus on “one” thing at a time ;)

Releasing new features that are launched on the Next Earth launchpad will surely be one of the main directions, while we will be expanding in some very interesting ways, that the community will surely love. Building the ecosystem, spreading the word, growing the community in every aspect possible, scaling our operations, and entering the mainstream economy, so we can become a crypto gateway for many.

Well, it certainly seems like this year is going to be absolutely monumental for NextEarth, and we’ll be on the lookout for the Red Sox stadium at a decent price! Thanks for coming on, Gabor.

The earlier you get in the better!! Thanks for having me, it’s been a blast!