A hacker stole nearly 100,000 job applications containing personal information from McDonald's in Canada, the company announced Friday.

The theft included job applications filed via the McDonald’s Canada career website, which hosted online forms for prospective McDonald’s employees. Applicants who submitted job applications between March 2014 and March 2017 may have been affected.

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McDonald’s notes the stolen applications contained personal information, though said it was “limited to” names, email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses and previous work history.

“Importantly, our application forms do not request highly sensitive personal information such as social insurance numbers, banking information or health information,” the company said in a statement.

McDonald’s explains that it “monitors its databases for any unauthorized access,” which resulted in spotting the apparent breach. It is unclear if McDonald’s typically holds on to job applications for multiple years or if the database has been breached on more than one occasion.

The company said it shut down the McDonald’s Canada career website and is currently investigating how the breach happened. The website will not be reopened until the investigation is completed and any potential security vulnerabilities have been resolved.

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McDonald’s has set up a resource website for anyone who may be affected, which includes a question and answer question that provides responses to basic questions about the hack.

According to the site, anyone who had their information compromised in the hack will receive a letter from McDonald’s Canada, or via phone or email of a mailing address is not available. The company has also set up an assistance phone line, which can be reached by at 1 (877) 238-3790 and entering reference number 7827032417.

McDonald’s is also encouraging future applicants to apply in person until the issue has been resolved.

The incident is the second time this month McDonald’s has been the target of a hack. Earlier this March, the company’s corporate Twitter account was apparently compromised by a hacker who posted tweet calling Donald Trump a "disgusting excuse of a President."