McDonald’s announced on Tuesday that it will be releasing its first-ever NFT collection in the U.S. that will be in the spirit of the McRib returning to restaurants -- with a “McRib NFT.”

McDonald's has created a sweepstakes competition where fans can enter to win their very own McRib NFT. The fast-food chain will be giving away the NFT’s in celebration of the McRib's 40th anniversary.

To enter to win, follow McDonald’s on Twitter and retweet the sweepstakes invitation tweet from Nov. 1. through Nov. 7. By Nov. 12., 10 fans will “receive the exclusive McRib NFT to add to their personal collection and enjoy even when it's not on the menu,” McDonald’s said in the press release.

An NFT is a “non-fungible token” that represents a piece of artwork that can be owned through cryptocurrency.

"With the McRib NFT, you’ll never again have to say goodbye to the sandwich you love," McDonald’s said in the press release.

The McRib NFT consists of a picture of the sandwich--a boneless pork rib patty covered in barbeque sauce and served with onions and pickles on a home-style bun--surrounded by a glowing gold aurora.

The fan-favorite McRib will be returning to McDonald’s nationwide on Nov. 1.