A spoof of a Mercedes-Benz commercial featuring a C-Class Mercedes running down and killing Adolf Hitler went viral over the weekend, sparking mostly positive reactions. But the German automaker, part of Daimler AG (FWB:DAI), wasn’t exactly pleased with the unauthorized commercial spot.

The 80-second video that was uploaded to YouTube contains the warning “This spot is a film school’s submission. There exists no current or past affiliation to Mercedes-Benz or to Daimler AG.”

In the spot, a Mercedes Benz C-Class is seen driving through a village in Austria, stopping for children playing on the road just in time, due to the collision prevention assist feature of the car. After the kids jump out of the way, the C-Class continues driving, running over a boy who is revealed to be a young Adolf Hilter in what was revealed to be his hometown, Braunau am Inn. The ad ends with the words “Detect dangers before they come up.”

According to the Independent, the makers of the video revealed that they were legally obliged by Mercedes to ensure that viewers fully understood that Mercedes-Benz or Daimler AG were not involved with the production of the spoof ad at all. Mercedes-Benz reportedly found the content of the video “inappropriate.”

The film was a thesis of film students Tobia Haase, Jan Mettler, and Lydia Lohse at the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The trio said they wanted explore the question of what would happen if machines had souls and could make decisions of life and death.

You can watch the fake Mercedez-Benz commercial spot in the video above.