Michelle Obama Pinterest 1
Showing the world the Obama divorce papers could be the "very big" announcement Donald Trump has in store for Wednesday.

First Lady Michelle Obama has continued her social media push by positng both White House and family photos Monday on Pinterest, the picture-sharing website popular among women.

The account, pinterest.com/michelleobama, is managed by her campaign staff, but, as with the Obamas' Twitter accounts, pins from the First Lady herself are signed mo. She joins Ann Romney, wife of President Obama's GOP presidential rival Mitt, who joined the site three months ago.

As of Wednesday morning, Michelle Obama's page had three boards (or categories in which photos can be placed): Around the White House, Great Memories and Father's Day, which gives the option for supporters to sign a Father's Day card for President Obama ahead of the holiday this Sunday.

The page already attracted almost 2,500 followers by noon. So far, she is only following President Obama's Pinterest account.

Many of the pictures have been posted on the White House's official Web page, but a few photos were new to most eyes on the internet. A picture taken on the Obamas' wedding day shows the overjoyed bridegroom as Michelle reacts to something in the distance.

Another pin includes an old 1964 photo of Michelle's parents holding her and her brother when they were babies. I'm fortunate to have had two great fathers in my life. My husband and my dad, Fraser Robinson. -mo she wrote in the caption.

None of her pictures are from the campaign trail. Other than her family, Michelle's page focuses on her healthy living initiatives, like a picture of her in the White House garden (The veggies taste even better when you grow them yourself. - mo) and on The Biggest Loser.

Pinterest is particularly popular among women. Google Ad Planner statistics show that of January 2012, 80 percent of Pinterest users are female, according to Ignite Social Media.

Ann Romney joined the site early in the campaign in February. Her page reads like that of a patriotic Martha Stewart, where she posts images of her family and Americana-themed crafts and food that she likes.

So far, she has amassed almost 7,500 followers and follows her relatives and lifestyle magazines such as Real Simple and Shape.

The Romney campaign digital director, Zac Moffatt, told the Washington Post in February that Ann controls the page herself.