As the search continues for missing Missouri baby Lisa Irwin and 2-year-old Sky Metalwala, another missing person's case has emerged.

Michelle Parker of Orlando, Fla., vanished Thursday after she appeared on The People's Court for a settlement of dispute with her ex-fiance, who is the father of her twin children. She went missing on the day her episode was aired.

According to her mother Yvonne Stewart, Parker was humiliated at the show and was so upset that she did not want to see the episode, she told ABC news.

Parker, 33, is a mother of three and her relationship with Dale Smith had gone so bitter that she sought a restraining order against him in 2009, which was turned down by a judge due to lack of evidence, reports ABC.

The People's Court episode aimed to settle the argument between the couple over a $5,000 engagement ring from Smith that Parker allegedly threw from a hotel balcony.

The couple's fight was made public through the show, when Parker was seen accusing Smith of infidelity with the couple wrangling about visitation rights for their twins, who are now three years old.

Orlando police said Smith and Parker have had a violent background, but Smith has been cooperative and is not a suspect, as reported by TV station WKMG.

Parker went missing on Thursday after dropping her twins at school. On Friday, her abandoned Hummer, which she was seen driving last, was discovered.

Parker's mother believes that her daughter has been kidnapped.

I know for a fact right now she is not dead. I know that, Stewart told WESH. Somebody has her. ... We forgive you. Turn her loose. Don't let this get any worse than it is for you.

Smith is taking care of the twins. Parker has another 11-year-old child who is being looked after by his father at the moment, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

The Orlando Police Department on Tuesday held a news conference to announce they have had no new leads in their search for Parker. They also said that though they have found some items, the search for Parker's cell phone is still on.

Lot of pain, lot of anger, lot of emotions, Nathan Mitchell, Parker's boyfriend, was quoted by as saying.

Mitchell said he talked and texted Parker several times on Thursday, the last was at 3:15 p.m.

Search crews along with volunteers guided by the family are on a lookout for Parker.

Parker went missing around a couple of hours after the episode of The People's Court was aired. 

In an effort to bring attention to her daughter's case, Stewart appeared on several national talk shows on Tuesday morning. She believes her daughter might have been abducted and is still alive.

My daughter's life is so important to me, I love her with all my heart and soul. she would be here doing the exact same thing for me. I'm not stopping 'til we bring her home. I feel very close that within the next day, maybe even today, we're going to find a clue, Stewart said.

Parker is described as a white woman, about 5 feet 6 inches tall with short dark brown hair.