A new rumor is circulating that Microsoft is currently working on a refreshed and modified version of the Surface Book, and that the Redmond-based company is planning on placing 4K displays on its new all-in-one (AIO) Surface PCs.

The refreshed version of the Surface Book is said to come with the new Intel Kaby Lake processor which would be able to support USB 3.1 connections. The new processor will also be accompanied by a new graphics card capable of 3D and 4K graphics, according to Windows Central. Although Windows Central did not specifically hear that the Intel Kaby Lake processor will be added, its sources did indicate updated internal components.

In terms of design, this new iteration of the Surface Book will be directly addressing one of the major gripes that consumers had with the original Surface Book: the fulcrum hinge. When the original Surface Book was first revealed, it impressed a lot of people in terms of build quality since Microsoft used metal for its body.

However, the fulcrum hinge that connects the tablet/display onto the keyboard bothered a lot of users. When users closed the Surface Book, the fulcrum hinge doesn’t close it all the way like in traditional laptops. A gap between the display and the keyboard is present when the laptop is closed which kind of ruined the look of the device.

Windows Central’s source indicated that Microsoft is planning to completely remove that gap on the refreshed version of the Surface Book, so that when it is closed it looks more like a traditional laptop. There are no details yet on how Microsoft will be able to do that redesign without compromising the functionality of the fulcrum hinge.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also expected to announce a Surface AIO PC which will be intended to be placed in the living room. Sources say that the Surface AIO will come in 21, 24 and 27-inch screen sizes.

The 21-inch model is believed to come with a full HD 1080p screen resolution, while the 24 and 27-inch models are said to come with 4K resolution displays. There’s no confirmation yet if Microsoft is planning to sell all three models.

It is quite possible that the company is simply testing out three versions of the new Surface AIO. When Microsoft announces the Surface AIO PC, the company could simply announce two models instead of three. Microsoft previously announced that it would be releasing a new Surface-branded device for this year and another three in 2017, as pointed out by The Verge.

There’s no concrete evidence to confirm what Microsoft intends to release first, but a 2017 release date for the Surface Book 2 seems more likely. Intel is expected to release the Kaby Lake processors before the end of 2016, according to Tech Radar.