An image posted to Reddit shows the view from the top of the waterslide's heart-stopping drop. Reddit/konahopper

U.S. thrill-seekers will no longer have to leave the country to experience the world’s tallest waterslide.

Called the Verruckt – which is German for insane – the waterslide is scheduled to be completed in 2014 at the Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark, reports Gawker. Already being touted as the "the world’s tallest, fastest and most extreme waterslide” by the park, the Verruckt Meg-a-Blaster will send riders down at a speed of over 65 miles per hour. Four people will be allowed on each of the slide’s rafts. And it even features a hump at the end of the drop for an added thrill.

Though the final height won’t be announced until construction on the slide is fully complete, it is said that the slide will be greatly taller than the current world’s tallest waterslide – the 134.5 foot tall Insano in Brazil.

You can check out more photos of the slide here.