Miller High Life is looking to reclassify a portion of the downtown area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the Champagne of Beers Region.

But it is looking for some help.

It is asking fans of Miller High Life beer to sign a petition to designate the borders around the Molson Coors’s (TAP) Milwaukee brewery, where the beer is made, as the Champagne of Beer Region.

Miller High Life has positioned its beer as the “Champagne of Beers,” but under European law, champagne can only carry the name if comes from the French region with the same name. Miller High Life disagrees.

Anne Pando, senior marketing manager for the Miller family of brands, said in a company blog post, “To protect its name and the quality it stands for, Champagne has a region in France. We feel it should be no different for Miller High Life.”

Miller High Life is asking for beer fans' help to sign a petition through the end of June that will be presented to the Milwaukee Common Council in hopes of having them recognize the downtown Milwaukee area as the Champagne of Beers Region in the city.

To prepare for the regional tourist designation, Miller High Life is also seeking a Champagne of Beers Region Ambassador in Milwaukee.

The person chosen as ambassador will get paid $20,000 in cash, free beer for a year, an all-expense-paid trip to Milwaukee, and plenty of Miller High Life swag.

To apply, Miller High Life fans can go to Here, they will need to explain why they deserve to be the first Champagne of Beers Region Ambassador in Milwaukee.

Applicants must be 21 and need to apply by May 21.

Miller High Life has been brewing its beer since 1903 and bottling it in a clear, long-neck bottle that it says resembles a champagne bottle. The brewer also said the beer has a bubbly, effervescent quality and “honors its long heritage as a beer to celebrate everyday moments.”

“Frederick Miller wanted to make a quality beer that was accessible to all, and we want to celebrate that,” Pando said. “And there’s nothing better than tasting Miller High Life, freshly brewed in the Champagne of Beers Region.”

Shares of Molson Coors were trading at $59.01 as of 1:44 p.m. EDT on Friday, down 44 cents, or 0.74%.

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