“Minecraft” fans will really enjoy the next big update that’s coming to Mojang’s game as the Microsoft-owned developer already announced yesterday at the Minecon conference in California that the Boss Update is slated for release on Oct. 18.

According to Venture Beat, the Boss Update for “Minecraft” will roll out for the “Minecraft Pocket Edition” that is available on iOS and Android, the Windows 10 Edition Beta and the Gear VR version that’s playable using the Oculus Rift.

Mojang has been releasing updates with mods for the game, but they were generally for the PC version. Therefore, the announcement that the Boss Update is rolling out to the mobile version of the game is music to the ears of players who prefer playing “Minecraft Pocket Edition.”

In a blog post, Mojang’s Marsh Davies noted that the much awaited mobs of the Elder Guardian, the mysterious Ocean Monuments, the Wither and other technical tweaks are coming to Windows 10 and the Pocket Edition.

Davies also highlighted the perks of Add-Ons, which according to him is the “first step on our journey towards bringing even greater levels of customization to all editions of Minecraft.”

Pointing out what Add-Ons do, Davies explained that players can tweak the game’s components by just editing text files with this feature. Thus, players can remix mobs, meld textures and behaviors and even create “rideable chickens” and “ultra-explosive pigs.”

Other features that the Boss Update contains include support for slash commands to change the weather, set the time, teleport to places and many more. Gamers can also import and export worlds with this update.

In relation to the export and import of worlds via Realms, IGN noted that custom-made Minecraft worlds can be shared online, so other players can download them. Additionally, Mojang is said to upload free-to-download samples — the Alien Invasion and Castle Siege worlds featured at E3 — on “Mincraft’s” official website on the same day the update goes live.

Finally, Davies also revealed that the update brings with it Xbox Wireless controller support for players of the game’s Gear VR Edition and support for Oculus Touch for VR players.