Enter a world of ancient Chinese temples, take a hike at The Great Wall and discover what lies beyond the majestic mountain ranges in “Minecraft: Console Edition Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack.”

The newest pack for 4J Studios’ console version of “Minecraft” is set to bring a ton of new content to gamers this October. The mash-up, which centers on ancient China, features a pre-made world that does not only speak of the ancient Chinese architecture, but also the mythology of the dragons that is embedded in the country’s history.

In a blog post on the official PlayStation website, “Minecraft” product marketing manager Jeff Rivait revealed that the “Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack” for “Minecraft: Console Editions” comes with 41 skins and 13 music tracks. Rivait also noted that players, who are enjoying the “Battle” mini-game they launched in June, will like how this mash-up also comes with a special map just for the mini-game.

Apart from the new pack, IGN has learned that a free content update is arriving on the same day the $4.99 mash-up pack becomes available. The general game update is said to feature a lot of much-awaited features like new blocks of magma, beetroot, nether wart, red nether brick, grass paths, frosted ice and bone.

Other interesting things that the update will contain include: harvestable beetroots, polar bear mobs, new decorative banners and special terrain features — igloos in Arctic biomes, underground fossils and new village materials.

The “Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack” was first announced at the ongoing Minecraft convention in California, according to GameSpot. The announcement was coupled with the release of the mash-up’s official trailer (found below).

Both the free content update and the “Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack” are slated for release on Oct. 4 for “Minecraft: Console Editions” for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U.