Miss America 2017
On Sunday, Sept. 11, 52 beauty queens will compete for the title of Miss America 2017, currently held by Betty Cantrell. Miss America Organization

The time has come to tune in as 52 lucky ladies try their hand at being crowned Miss America 2017. The 96th annual pageant has brought together an eclectic group of women hoping to take home the title in a pageant that’s sure to be a can’t miss.

The competition will take place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Sunday, Sept. 11. Those unable to attend the event live will be able to tune in on cable and online. The pageant will be streaming on ABC for fans without access to a television. No cable subscription is necessary to watch. Miss America 2017 will run from 9 p.m. EDT to 11 p.m. EDT.

This year’s pageant features the first openly gay Miss America contestant. Erin O’Flaherty, the current Miss Missouri, has been open about her sexuality and hopes that being crowned Miss America would not only be an historic event, but would “break another ceiling for a minority group.” Although she is the first lesbian contestant, O’Flaherty says she did not hesitate for a moment to reveal the truth about her sexuality.

“It wasn’t difficult,” she told People magazine. “Only because I knew that if I didn’t compete openly, I wouldn’t be successful and I wasn’t going to be true to myself. I really think to have the genuine experience, you have to be genuine to who you are.”

O’Flaherty isn’t the only contestant bringing an interesting back story to the stage in the 2017 Miss America pageant. Each of these pageant queen hopefuls has something new and unique to offer, be it their talents, the charities they represent or their background. For more information on the Miss America 2017 contestants, click HERE.