Mitt Romney
Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney is expected to make a decision on a third run for president on Friday. Reuters

Mitt Romney was expected to tell supporters whether he would take a step toward running for president in 2016 during a phone call with his backers at 11 a.m. EST Friday, according to Bloomberg. Romney mounted a campaign in 2008 and was the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. If he decides to run again, it would be his third shot at the presidency.

“Please join me for an update call tomorrow,” read an email from Romney sent out late Thursday night, according to Jonathan Martin of the New York Times. It was signed "All the best, Mitt," Bloomberg reported.

It’s unclear whether Romney will tell supporters if he's forming an exploratory committee -- a preliminary step toward running -- or that he will run for president. He could also say he won’t make a third attempt at commander-in-chief.

Hints at a possible third Romney run surfaced last month, when top donors to the former Massachusetts governor told Politico that Romney sounded open to a 2016 campaign. Earlier this month, Romney said he was considering running after meeting with 30 top contributors, according to the Times.

Less than two weeks ago, a longtime adviser to Romney said he would make a decision on 2016 in the next three to four weeks, according to Fox News. He added that it was “very likely” Romney would run.

During a speech at Mississippi State University on Wednesday, Romney took aim at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is widely expected to run for president on the Democratic ticket. Clinton is expected to make that decision in July. Romney suggested that Clinton didn’t have an understanding of the economy and said she played a role in Obama’s “timid” foreign policy.

"How can Secretary Clinton provide opportunity for all if she doesn't know where jobs come from in the first place?” Romney said, according to CNN. "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cluelessly pressed a reset button for Russia, which smiled and then invaded Ukraine, a sovereign nation.”