Kim Dotcom, founder of the site that was recently discontinued because of several copyright violation allegations, was living on top of the world prior to his indictment. His outlandish estate in New Zealand and outrageous spending habits weren't only kept to himself. His wife, Mona Dotcom, was apparently spoiled rotten -- and now she wants her stuff back from the government.

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that Mona Dotcom has applied to the courts to get her things back, including a $155,000 G55 Mercedes, after they were seized during a raid at the Dotcom estate. Mona is asking for her Mercedes back despite not having a valid driver's license.

Court documents have revealed that Mona was being showered with presents prior to the seizure of items from the Dotcom estate. Presents included items such as a Rolex, pink iPhone, a top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz and matching Christian Colin fiber-glass sculptures.

Mona Dotcom's request also revealed household costs of the estate including $5.06 million in modifications to the house, $778,100 per year in rent costs, $22,564 per month for six staff members, $466,860 per year in maintenance costs and much more.

Kim Dotcom's flamboyant lifestyle has fueled public interest in the case since he's been charged with costing copyright holders at least $500 million. The latest details of the Dotcom's spending habits to surface only reiterate what the public already knew: The couple was spending large amounts of cash on luxury goods and services, such as this documentary of a lavish trip to Monaco that includes top-tier sports cars, yachts and helicopters.

Of her request to the courts, Mona Dotcom said, I have always believed my husband's businesses are entirely lawful and I still believe this to be true, according to the New Zealand Herald. I am simply asking the courts to return my own property and make reasonable provision for our family's ongoing maintenance and care.