• "Monster Hunter Rise" is coming to PC gamers in 2022
  • The game is playable  now on Nintendo Switch
  • Players need to equip armor, talismans and charms to beat Narwa easily

"Monster Hunter Rise" takes players to different places infested with a wide range of monsters to hunt and slay. The latest installment to the popular "Monster Hunter" franchise introduces old and new monsters. One of these monsters is the final boss Naewa, which could be a jarring experience if players are not careful.

Who Is Narwa?

The thunder serpent Narwa is the final boss that allows players to complete the "Monster Hunter Rise" main storyline when beaten. While many veteran gamers would not consider this elder dragon as too challenging, it has a high HP. If players are not careful, a slip-up could get them killed.

As one of the bosses in the game, Narwa depends heavily on its Thunder elemental attacks. Additionally, most of its attacks cause stun, which players should always be wary of. To protect themselves from the monster's attacks, players need to equip armor, talismans and charms.

Monster Hunter Rise - Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch
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They could also east the right Bunny Dango combo and buffs from the Hunting Horn. Narwa would be easier to take down and minor errors would be less impactful if players have adequate Thunder and Stun resistance. The thunder serpent wears armor in different parts of its body and having a weapon that could pierce through them could really help.

How To Beat Narwa

The Hunter Notes mention that Narwa could not be stunned, but according to Gamewith, the thunder serpent takes significant stun damage to its head. Players could use blunt weapons like Hunting Horn and Hammer to stun the boss more effectively. Narwa could be stunned and fall to the ground with enough damage done to its head.

"Monster Hunter Rise" players could do this, and once it is down on the ground, they could deal with a barrage of attack on Narwa. Also, players must aim for its head to land high-damage attacks. To maneuver around the area with ease and escape from its different attacks, players can use scaffoldings. The Wirebug is also crucial in dodging these attacks easily.

Moreover, artillery weapons are available across the arena. These weapons deal high damage to Narwa. "Monster Hunter Rise" players could use the Dragonator, which could cause the most damage to the thunder serpent. Players, however, should use it wisely since it has a cooldown and can only be used once.