• Nintendo is rumored to launch a new gaming console this year
  • The said console might be called Super Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Pro
  • To this day, Nintendo has not confirmed anything related to the rumored Switch Pro

A lot of reports about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro revealed some of its features. Fans have also been hearing a lot about what the upcoming system would be like. Interestingly, aside from the more powerful Switch, Nintendo might be preparing for its default controllers, too, the Joy-Cons.

A Nintendo Switch Joy-Con patent approved by the USPTO recently could offer fans an insight into the future controller of the Nintendo Switch and probably the Switch Pro. The patent was discovered by content creator Mike Perez and shared on his Nintendo Academy YouTube channel. The Joy-Con version shown in the patent features the classic D-Pad, available in Nintendo Switch Lite, 3DS and other older consoles.

Additionally, the patent reveals that the new Joy-Con would feature a Circle Pad, available on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo filed the patent in 2018 and was approved just this March. The patent triggered speculations among fans that it could be the upcoming design of the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. However, the patent was filed in 2018, just a year after the Nintendo Switch was released, so it may not be for the rumored Switch Pro.

Nintendo Switch Nintendo is releasing the “Pokémon: Let’s Go” games for the Nintendo Switch in November 2018. Photo: Reuters/Toru Hanai

Another theory that fans have about the Joy-Con patent is that it could be the company's solution to the Joy-Con drift issue. This problem has been plaguing a lot of users since the hybrid console's launch. It is also possible that the patent could be for a standalone Nintendo Switch version. 

It is worth noting that companies like Nintendo usually file and refile patents for ideas that they could come up with. It could end up releasing to the market or could stay as a patent forever. The patent could also mean nothing, but with rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro looking more and more, things like this one are hard to dismiss.

Bloomberg reported recently that the new Switch Pro would feature a new Nvidia SoC with DLSS support. This new chipset is anticipated to deliver CPU and GPU performance improvements. Nintendo seemingly wants to use the Nvidia DLSS to allow the Switch Pro to deliver higher resolution images when used on 4K TVs or in docked mode.