Capcom Monster Hunter World Anniversary Event
The first "Monster Hunter World" anniversary event costumes have been revealed. Capcom/Monster Hunter World

Capcom recently posted new details about the upcoming "Monster Hunter World" first anniversary event. Since it’s about to hit February, the same month the game was released on consoles last year, Capcom will unveil an event quest soon that would feature a new encounter with the Great Jagras. Here’s what we know about this new event.

As seen on the "Monster Hunter" official Twitter, the first half of events of the "Monster Hunter World" anniversary is an anniversary hub world added with a limited time event quest. Starting Jan. 26, the hub town, Astera, will be in an anniversary mood that’s complete with a new festive Handler and Poogie costume like the previous "Monster Hunter World" seasonal festivals. Moreover, the "Monster Hunter World" anniversary event will run on all platforms, namely PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The new quest will feature a battle against the Great Jagras, which is the first monster fought by new players and is considered the weakest one in the whole roster. However, the event quest features the “Greatest Jagras” that is set to be a challenge to the players.

The Twitter post showed a humongous version of the Great Jagras that clearly towers over Elder Dragons at regular height. In the current game, the Great Jagras hasn’t received the Tempered or Arch-Tempered upgrade like the other difficult monsters in "Monster Hunter World." This could be the chance for the players to see a difficult version of the easiest monster to hunt in-game. This limited event can be found on the PS4 and Xbox One server on Jan. 26 and will last up to Feb. 8.

Once the Greatest Jagras event is up, the crossover event with "The Witcher" will also begin. It will feature content like the appearance of the titular Witcher, Geralt of Rivia and other Witcher-themed monsters and costumes for players to enjoy like the previous crossover events with other games.

Lastly, we’ve yet to hear from Capcom about the release date of the "Monster Hunter World" expansion patch, Iceborne. We’ll have to look out for clues in this event and see if Capcom has left any for us in the "Monster Hunter World" anniversary event.