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Apple iPad 3 Poised to Sweep Tablet Market, Steal 50% of Amazon Kindle Fire's Customers Apple

Apple apps on the iPhone, iPad and iTouch have been attacked for stealing users' contact info, and now it's been discovered they've even had access to users' photos. Given the Feb. 28 Apple announcement about a March 7 press conference, potential iPad 3 buyers may want to know how this latest controversy will affect Apple's newest product launch. There's a loophole that's been discovered for when people give an app permission to access location information. The permissions then inadvertently give those apps access to entire photo galleries, Nick Bilton reported on his New York Times Bits blog. Bilton spoke with several photo app developers, and they confirmed they knew the photos could be accessed, but denied any wrongdoing.

In fact, there is no proof any apps have actually been stealing user photos, but the fact they could get people's photos in conjunction with their location information could lead to some grave consequences, Bilton wrote. Apple screens apps for security flaws like this, but they also screened for the contact information mishap that previously went down. Will Apple make more App Store changes in response? More importantly, will the news delay or in any way alter Apple's plans for the March 7 iPad 3 debut? Apple hasn't responded to questions about the photo loophole, but the news is another distraction Apple must weather as their incredible success becomes wrapped up in yet another controversy.

Between the address book uploading scandal and news about poor factory worker conditions in Chinese iPad manufacturing facilities, new Apple CEO Tim Cook will have to once again prove himself as the company's new leader. The iPad 3 launch may even be an ideal time to at least acknowledge the problem and commit to the potential legions of iPad buyers their content is safe. Let us know in the comments if you think Apple should address the problem at the iPad debut, or if they should keep it a separate issue.