A hairy blob that washed ashore in the Philippines is probably a severely decomposed whale. National Geographic

Is the dead creature that recently washed up in the Philippines a severely composed whale or the remains of some sort of mythical creature? Even if you are looking at up-close photos and video, it can be hard to tell.

It’s been described as a “hairy blob” since it showed up on the shore in the Dinagat Islands, weighing more than 2 tons and measuring more than 20 feet long. National Geographic posted a video showing men inspecting the massive dead thing and cutting into it, suggesting that the hair-like strings could be “decomposed muscle fibers” of a whale.

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The BBC also suggests it could be the rotting corpse of a manatee. Although massive dead animals like these usually decompose out in the water, recent storms or an earthquake could have brought the animal to the shore.

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