Astronauts aboard NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) were able to capture terrifying photos of Hurricane Dorian as it passes through the Atlantic Ocean. Although the hurricane has slightly weakened, the images from space still show just how massive Dorian is.

According to NASA, the hurricane is still over the Bahamas. It has already slowed down and is moving west-northwest at only about 1 mile per hour. As noted by the National Hurricane Center, Dorian is currently producing maximum sustained winds of 145 miles per hour with wind gusts averaging 190 miles per hour.

Compared to its status during the past couple of days, Dorian has weakened and its classification has been lowered to Category 4.

Recently, astronauts Christina Koch and Nick Hague of the ISS were able to photograph Dorian from space as it ravages the Bahamas. The astronauts shared the photos on their Twitter accounts.

The photos show just massive the coverage of Dorian is. Hague noted that one can already imagine just how powerful the storm is just by observing its eye.

Currently, the storm is still over the Bahamas. Since it has slowed down, the hurricane is expected to continue affecting the region within the next couple of days. As of this writing, five people have already been killed due to the storm, according to BBC.

Reports confirmed that the deaths occurred at the Abaco Islands, the area where the storm made landfall. Aside from the fatalities, around 13,000 homes are feared to have been destroyed by the hurricane.

Due to the strength of the storm, weather forecasters warned that storm surges could reach heights of up to 23 feet. Clint Watson, a journalist stationed in Nassau, Bahamas, described what the inhabitants of the region are currently going through due to the hurricane.

“You can’t fathom that but that’s what people are showing us with their videos, saying ‘Please, come and rescue me. I’m on the roof of my home and this is where the water is,’” he told BBC.

“And you can see the water outside pressing in,” he added. “It’s stories like that and images like that that you can’t get out of your mind.”

Hurrican Dorian ISS
Astronaut Christine Koch of the International Space Station captured this image of Hurricane Dorian outside the ISS windows the morning of Sep. 02, 2019. NASA