Leave it to UFOlogists and alien theorists to come up with the most exciting theories based on official photos taken of Planet Mars.

The most recent “discovery” comes from UFOlogist Scott Waring who has made a name for posting different alien conspiracy theories he gathered from news all over the world as well as official space agency portals like NASA.gov. In his latest blog post, Waring claimed that he spotted some interesting structures in one of the craters of Planet Mars based on a picture taken and featured on Gigapan.

“The two structures appear to be ships that landed at the center of craters. You can see the black shinyness (sic) of the objects. One is very round and dome like the other is less thick and more turtle shell shaped. I believe both are ships that can leave at any time. By landing in the craters, astronomers and others who record them will assume that they are mere shadows. But as you see, they are real objects hiding in the craters,” Waring said.

This is not the first time that Waring spotted something unusual in space photos. He recently claimed that he discovered what looked like an alien face in the Jenner crater of the Moon. The image was found in the book “Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas” by Charles Byrne, a former System Engineer of the Apollo Program for Lunar Orbiter Photography.

“I found this extraordinary human looking face on Earth’s moon in Jenner crater. Jenner crater is huge, 74,000 meters in diameter or 119,000 meters. That means the face itself is also huge at 25,000 meters,” Waring said.

The UFOlogist claimed that the photo is evidence that alien life forms are leaving clues of their existence for humans to discover. Waring also claimed that he has stumbled upon old alien structures on the lunar surface.

These structures are said to make up an abandoned alien strip and that the remaining “buildings and spaceships” that can be seen via the NASA photos show that everything has been preserved and remains intact thanks to the space vacuum.

Because of this, Waring suggested that the space vehicles and even the buildings can be used by private space firms or individuals who have plans of setting up a station or colony on the Moon. The UFOlogist suggested that Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origins program or Elon Musk’s SpaceX are the best people to utilize the abandoned structures.

Waring, however, has an infamous reputation for his wild space theories. But despite his outlandish claims, it can’t be denied that he has gotten the attention of the space community and even got responses or rebukes from scientists inside NASA.

Mars Surface
HiRISE commonly takes images of recent craters on Mars, which are usually found by the MRO Context Camera where they disturb surface dust. An impact site in this area was first imaged in December 2017. NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona