A UFO expert claimed to have spotted an entire fleet of alien vessels flying past the Sun. According to the UFO expert, he made the discovery while browsing photos taken by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

In a recent blog post, Scott Waring of ET Data Base claimed to have spotted a UFO shaped like a rocket flying near the Sun in one of NASA’s photos. As seen in the image, which was taken by NASA’s SOHO satellite, the object has a distinct design with various geometric features. The size of the object is a bit hard to determine since it was not indicated how far it was from the Sun or the satellite.

Waring noted that the object was not a comet or other cosmic object due to its shape and movement.

“This mysterious object’s shape [is] not even close to being a comet, asteroid, meteor, satellite, space station or anything else I could think of,” he wrote in a blog post. “The only possibility left is that it’s [an] alien craft.”

“The design has many right angles and the tail area thins like planes would,” Waring added. “Also it seems to have wings on each side.”

In addition to the alleged alien craft, Waring also spotted several smaller objects trailing behind it. Waring noted that the SOHO satellite may have actually captured an image of an entire alien fleet as it was traveling across space.

Based on the image, the fleet appeared like it was flying in formation. The smaller ships can be seen forming a line behind the bigger object. Waring speculated that the smaller crafts were traveling behind the bigger one for protection.

“If you look carefully behind the UFO you will see that there are many smaller ships following it,” Waring wrote. “They follow the big ships for safety reasons. There are a lot of intelligent species in our universe, both kind and cruel.”

“Space is a big empty place that leaves a ship on its own to protect itself,” he added. “So the small ships follow the big ones when traveling in dangerous territory.”

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory observed the M6.6 solar flare on June 22, 2015. NASA/SDO