National Geographic and sustainable sneaker brand Cariuma launched a line of sneakers Wednesday that are inspired by the green turtle and the Madagascar gecko -- two species that are decreasing in population.

The shoes, which can be purchased on Cariuma’s website, come in different styles including off-white turtle sneakers, off-white gecko sneakers and black gecko sneakers for $89 or black gecko high-top sneakers and white turtle high-top sneakers for $110.

“It’s a wild time, and we’re on a mission to protect our planet for the next generation of surfers, skaters, and tree-planters,” the new sneakers’ product details explained.

“For over 133 years, National Geographic has ignited the explorer in all of us through groundbreaking storytelling from the world’s brightest scientists, photographers, and filmmakers. Their striking yellow border is a portal—an open invitation to discover the most captivating places and faces on Planet Earth,” the statement read.

Green turtles are threatened by "hunting, egg collection, bycatch in fisheries and beach erosion, among other other factors, according to the Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered program. The Madagascar gecko population has been threatened by illegal logging and charcoal production.

Each purchase of the new line will support The National Geographic Society, which is directly working to preserve habitats.

Cariuma noted that the shoes are eco-friendly due to the use of ethical factories, carbon-neutral shipping, cleaner leather, recycled and recyclable packaging, along with being handmade from natural premium materials. The brand also promises to plant two trees for every shoe purchased.

“Our operating principles and environmental ethic remain at the core of everything we do. That’s why we source our materials responsibly and design timeless silhouettes,” Cariuma said on its website.