A view of the Sobibor train station in Poland. At least 250,000 Jews were killed by the Nazis at the Sobibor death camp during World War II. Two men say they've found a long-lost Nazi "gold train" that came through filled with gems, gold, industrial equipment and guns as the Soviet army closed in on the Nazis. Reuters

A Nazi train said to have been carrying gold and guns before disappearing near the end of World War II may have been found in Poland, Polish media reported, according to the BBC. The “Gold Train,” as it was called in Polish folklore, was located by a Polish man and a German man. A law firm representing the men contacted police in the Wałbrzych district to indicate they wanted to claim 10 percent of profits from whatever was found in the train, ABC reported.

The mysterious train is rumored to have disappeared in 1945 near what is now Wrocław, Poland, filled with gems, gold, industrial equipment and guns as the Soviet army closed in on the Nazis. Polish authorities did not release any information about the current location of the train nor if they can confirm its existence, let alone its contents.

As legend has it, according to Polish media outlets, the train entered a now long-closed and forgotten tunnel near a castle in Wałbrzych. The legitimacy of the long-lost train has been debated.

Some Polish locals said they've looked for the train but never found anything. At least one Polish official, Roman Szełemej, a local leader in Wałbrzych, said he was skeptical of the alleged finding of the train.

Although no confirmed details of the reported train have come out yet, Nazi forces did send trains filled with spoils taken from Hungarian Jews to Berlin during World War II. The valuables stolen by the Nazis are estimated to be worth $200 million.

An official in the Wałbrzych district, Marika Tokarska, said local military, police and fire brigade crews were looking into the finding of the train. Officials do not know what they may find as the area near where the train was said to be found hasn’t been excavated before, she told Reuters.