• Andre Iguodala said LeBron James is tougher to guard than Kawhi Leonard
  • Iguodala played against both James and Leonard in the NBA Finals
  • Chris Bosh thinks James is still better than Leonard

Andre Iguodala said LeBron James is harder to guard than Kawhi Leonard.

James and Leonard have started the so-called “LA rivalry” in the NBA today. But even before the two superstars moved to Los Angeles, they already competed against each other, especially in the post season. For obvious reasons, both James and Leonard are tough to guard. Having almost the same qualities and physique, it’s really hard to tell who it the better offensive player between the two.

However, Iguodala, a veteran who has faced both James and Leonard during the NBA Finals, recently addressed the issue and revealed who is harder to defend between his two former rivals.

Iguodala apeared on ESPN show “NBA Countdown” and discussed whether Leonard is a harder player to guard than “King James” at this stage of their career. According to the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, James has caused him more problems on the court defensively simple because of his versatility on offense and the ability to make everyone around him better.

Despite being known as a versatile defender for years and the fact that he and James have had a series of duels in the Finals, Iguodala is still baffled by how the four-time MVP makes his teammates play better basketball whenever he’s inside the court.

“I go with LeBron because I think he raises the level of play for the other four guys on his team. When you see those guys go and play in other places, it’s like where they are going. But when they are on the court with LeBron, 'I have to keep an eye on this guy',” Iguodala pointed out.

LeBron Kawhi LeBron James defends Kawhi Leonard during Lakers vs. Clippers NBA 2019-20 season opener. Photo: Getty Images/Harry How

A few months ago, another NBA champ and James’ former teammate Chris Bosh also weighed in on James-Leonard comparisons. Bosh ranked his top 10 best NBA players today and ccording to the former Raptors star, James and Leonard are still the top two players in the league.

Bosh also emphasized that it doesn’t really matter who sits on the no. 1 spot between the two. However, he is convinced that his Miami Heat teammate James is still the most talented player in the NBA despite his age.

“It don’t really matter but yeah,” Bosh answered when asked if James tops Leonard in his list.

“If you’re still asking if he’s the best player and his 35 years old, then he he’s the best player,” Bosh said about James.