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Everyone could use a little extra motivation while working out. Netflix released a guide Thursday with detailed instructions on how to create your own Netflix personal trainer.

You read correctly. A personal trainer with the voice of your favorite Netflix character and the capability of pausing your music or show if you start falling behind your fitness goals during a workout. This device is one of Netflix's "Make It" projects, "a series of DIY projects inspired by ideas from our fans and our engineers," according to the site. They've also come up with Netflix socks and a Netflix Halloween doorbell.

You can't buy the personal trainer fully made, you have to buy the parts and make it yourself, which means you have to have a soldering iron and be good at following directions if you want one. Netflix does provide full and detailed directions online though.

The list of items you need to create your trainer is available online and runs about 40 items long. You should be able to get most of the items for under $60 total. You can choose from the voices of 14 different characters from Netflix Original Series', including Red and Taystee from Orange Is The New Black and BoJack from BoJack Horseman, all included in a file that's free to download from Netflix.

Once made, the device connects to your phone or tablet with bluetooth and the built in accelerometer measures your activity level. You choose an activity level you want to maintain, and if the accelerometer detects that you're falling behind, it will pause or mute your music and the Netflix character of your choice will chime in with some inspiration to get you going again. If you're watching a show on an iOS device while working out, the device will pause your show until you pick up the pace.