Vital clues on the design elements of much anticipated Tesla's Cyberpunk’ pickup truck point to a previously undiscovered design concept of “Tesla Model Zero” for a car sought to be positioned under Tesla Model 3, reveals Electrek.

So, ‘Tesla Model Zero’, in real terms was a car design aimed to bolster brand image to the entry-level market, per the designer who visualized it.

“A car that slots under Model 3 has a goal of making the electric lifestyle accessible to all. The Model Zero strengthens the brand image toward the entry-level market and opens up the doors to sustainable commuting to nearly anyone looking to get into a new vehicle.” the designer scribbled.

Tesla to unveil design in November

Excitement has been brewing as Tesla was scheduled to unveil its pickup truck concept in November 2019, coinciding with the time when events of the Blade Runner movie happened. The event will be in Los Angeles, per Tesla news.

A lot of mystery has been lurking around the design of the Tesla pickup truck. Tesla’s plans for its electric pickup truck had been known, thanks to tweets and comments by CEO Elon Musk.

But the design was hard to imagine as Musk threw up many conflicting ideas around the design in his interactions. Now the suspense is over.

Interesting designs

Tesla hired a young designer from the Art Center College of Design in California. He interned at Tesla while completing his degree. One of his designs looked highly interesting and aspirational.

There were times when many got dazed by Elon Musk harping on Tesla Pickup Truck having a ‘futuristic-like cyberpunk Blade Runner’ design with the one-liner, ‘it won’t be for everyone’.

Musk had been talking about the Pick up’s pricing long before a consensus on the final design came.

The CEO also highlighted some irresistible features the Tesla Pickup truck will have. The cost of Tesla Pick Up will be less than $50,000 and in terms of functionality, and still "better than a Ford F150," per Musk.

Some of the compulsive features of the Tesla Pickup include a range of 400 to 500 miles, Dual Motor All-wheel-drive power train with dynamic suspension, and ‘300,000 lbs of towing capacity’.

Musk also released a cryptic teaser image of the Pick up during the Tesla Model Y unveiling early this year.

Many amateur designers who tried to interpret its form had the rebuff by the CEO who said that he had not seen anyone coming near to what Tesla is working on. However, Jafari’s design seems to match it.

Tesla P for Pickup concept
Tesla P for Pickup concept Emre Husmen

Some parts of the design offer clues of Jafari’s work on Tesla’s “Cyberpunk Truck” while some do not. In the new design, the front-end runs in a straight line up the windshield. In that respect, it closely resembles the teaser image released by Tesla n which Musk specifically said the teaser was of the front-end of a pickup truck.

There is an emphasis on elongated front-end to improve aerodynamic performance to expand the larger vehicle’s efficiency.

However, the new concept looks very futuristic per the CEO’s wishes. Some departures from Musk’s dream design are in the ‘cyberpunk’ and “Blade Runneresque” looks. Jafari’s concept does not show many of the “cyberpunk” design accents.

Tesla stock was up 0.09 percent in the after-hours trading on Monday, Oct.28.

Tesla’s China competition from Volkswagen

Meanwhile, reports said Volkswagen will ramp up its production volumes of electric cars in China to 1 million by end of 2022, and surpass Tesla in its bid to make China the key battleground.

Volkswagen is readying two Chinese factories to build electric cars by 2020 with a cumulative production capacity of 600,000 vehicles in the beginning.