With Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) fall media event nearly a month away, more parts continue to be leaked for the rumored iPhone 6. New photos published Thursday of the purported rear case of Apple's iPhone 6 show several redesigned features, including recessed volume buttons and an embedded Apple logo.

MacRumors first discovered the images published by Feld and Volk, a Russian vendor that specializes in selling customized luxury iPhones and iPads. The company believes the part that it has acquired isn't a preproduction part but a finished rear case of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. Among the photos published are several previously unseen design elements of the case.

Apple iPhone 6 Rear Case Recessed Volume Buttons The purported Apple iPhone 6 rear case features recessed pill-shaped volume buttons Photo: Courtesy MacRumors/Feld And Volk

The side of the iPhone 6 case features recessed volume button cutouts, which may help prevent accidental volume changes. The cutout is also reminiscent of the first iPhone design, which featured a pill-shaped volume control button instead of the current circular buttons on the iPhone 5S.

Another image shows what appears to be a protruding camera ring, which fits onto the larger camera cutout seen in previous iPhone 6 case leaks. Such a camera ring and lens design has been seen only on the iPod Touch. MacRumors notes that other leaks have pointed to a camera that fits flush with the 4.7-inch iPhone case, so it remains to be seen whether this design choice is for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 or the larger 5.5-inch model.

Apple iPhone 6 Rear Case Camera Ring A protruding camera ring from the purported Apple iPhone 6 rear case. Photo: Courtesy MacRumors/Feld and Volk

Other features shown in the images include an embedded Apple logo, as seen in previous case leaks, and a flexible cable, which may be used for the home button, according to Feld and Volk.

These images are the latest in a number of parts' leaks that have surfaced in the past couple of months as Apple prepares for its busy fall launch season, including the Sept. 9 media event where the iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled. In addition to all the physical features of the iPhone 6, the highly rumored Apple smartphone is expected to sport the successor to the A7 processor -- the A8 -- along with 2GB of RAM and an upgraded camera sensor.