• New images of PS5 recently surfaced online
  • The images seemingly reveal the actual size of the gaming console
  • Additionally, the PS5 images also highlight one interesting physical feature of the PS5

A new set of leaked PS5 images may have revealed one of the exciting features of Sony’s next-generation gaming console. It appears that the forthcoming console could be easily customized. Despite rumors of possible release date announcement, Sony maintains that the PS5 arrives on the holiday of 2020.

PS5 Is Highly Customizable

The latest information about one of the features of the PS5 came from a post shared on a Chinese forum. The post listed several images of the alleged PS5 gaming console. One of the things that immediately caught the attention of fans and gaming enthusiasts is the removable shell or casing of the system’s hardware.

While it is not certain if the removable shell is designed to be easily detached from the main hardware. However, fans were quick to point out that it might be a part of Sony’s plan to allow owners to personalize or customize their gaming consoles. It is also possible that Sony would enable modders to separate the shell of the PS5 to paint or design the white elements of the console.

PlayStation Now Andrew House
PlayStation 5 might have a Pro version based on the new statement of Sony's Executive Vice President, who hinted this possibility. Getty Images/Ethan Miller

There are also speculations that if these alleged PS5 images are genuine, Sony is planning to offer shells in various colors and textures. Modified casings or shells are a good source of income for the company. The leaker also shared one image where a paper was laid diagonally on top of the console, somehow revealing the actual size of the PS5.

There is a high possibility based on the paper’s size that the PS5 could be between 14 to 15 inches tall. It is worth mentioning, however, that these images are not official and unconfirmed. In this case, it is wiser to take this information with a pinch of salt.

Other PS5 Details

A recent report from the Taiwan-based publication revealed that Sony’s back-end supply sources estimated the life cycle of the PS5. The report claimed that Sony’s next-generation gaming console would have a life cycle of five years, a big leap from the usual six to seven years life cycle of the company’s gaming console.

Sony is rumored to hold another PlayStation State of Play in August.