It appears that “Overwatch 2” is going to be announced at the BlizzCon 2019. The initial rumor about this report was later on supported by massive leaks of the game’s alleged official logo, images, and arts. Some of the leaked images from “Overwatch 2” could possibly give us an idea at the mysterious origins of hero Sojourn.

Sojourn first appeared in “Overwatch” in 2016 in the animated short titled “Recall” and again attracted fans’ attention when her image and voice surfaced in the Storm Rising PvE mission. All we have seen so far about Sojourn are still images, but it seems that leaked “Overwatch 2” images seemed to contain new detail about the hero’s background.

Overwatch Open Beta "Overwatch 2" is rumored to be announced on Nov 1, during BlizzCon 2019 and a new leak could give us more details about Sojourn. Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

On Reddit, user King_Will_Wedge pointed out that in the leaked image where several “Overwatch 2” heroes are seen hovering around a display, Sojourn is the hero located on the right side sporting a white hair. The Reddit user underlined that on Sojourn’s left shoulder, there is a maple leaf logo, and the iconic symbol is also seen in the national flag of Canada. Additionally, the Reddit user links this to the previous report made by ESPN’s Slasher Breslau about the new Push game mode reportedly set on a new map based in Toronto.

Fans have been making educated guesses about the new hero arriving in “Overwatch 2.” Could this be Sojourn? If yes, based on these clues, she could be the game’s first-ever Canadian hero. Another candidate is considered to be the new “Overwatch” hero is  Echo. She was first seen in the animated short titled “Reunion” and was activated by McCree. Echo also showed up in the leaked official “Overwatch” art.

Over the week, we have heard a lot of rumors about “Overwatch 2.” This includes a new game mode in the form of a four-player co-op game. A new Toronto-based map is also anticipated to be introduced in the upcoming sequel. Other claims about “Overwatch 2” include a new hero leveling system and hero talent and in-game items system.

Blizzard has not yet made any comment about all these leaks making rounds online. At this point, we encourage you to take these details with a pinch of salt. We will know more about “Overwatch 2” at BlizzCon 2019.