Publisher Kabam has announced that the Force is coming to “Star Wars: Uprising,” one of the newer mobile games based on the worldwide phenomenon. The timing for this is just right, as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” also comes out this week and is expected to be one of the biggest films of the year.

According to Venture Beat, mobile players will be able to use the force after completing a new quest. The quest will allow players to unlock new force powers and build a lightsaber, which is probably something most “Star Wars” fans will want to get.

Some of these force powers include the Jedi mind trick and the Force choke. It seems like players will be able to choose the side of the Force or the Dark Side, which should add some variety to the game.

There is a catch though, as players who want these powers and access to the quest will have to be a few elite players. This will likely encourage fans to work harder in the game and become one of the aforementioned elite players, maybe even investing money in the mobile title to get ahead.

Pocket Gamer has also confirmed that the new “Uprising” update will also allow players to unlock Holodiscs. Players that collect a number of these will be able to turn in these items to get rewards and maybe even get new abilities out of it.

The update also fixes a number of bugs that “Uprising” had when it was released. Some of the issues fixed include the bug that didn’t allow bosses to respawn and another that wouldn’t show the player’s equipped weapon.

It looks like this week will be a big one for “Star Wars” fans, especially with the movie finally showing. Many have predicted that the film could make $625 in its opening weekend.

In the mean time, fans can download “Star Wars: Uprising” right now for their mobile devices. The game is a free-to-play action roleplaying game (RPG) and allows players to team up with their friends, while battling either the rebellion or the empire.

The Force comes to Star Wars: Uprising (Credit: YouTube/Kabam RPG)