It's back to square one with regard to the iPhone 5 launch. The latest buzz in the market, triggered by a report on tech blog All Things D, is that the iPhone 5 will be released in October, not September.

The report discounted the connection between AT&T asking staff not to take leave during the last two weeks of September and the iPhone 5 launch date. It said reports that the AT&T memo suggests the new phone will be released in October are "misinformed."

Just how new is this news after all? It was widely rumored in March that the Apple iPhone 5 wouldn't be released until after Apple ends its financial year on Sept. 24.

It was pointed out that the iPhone 4 S had only just been launched on Verizon, and Apple couldn't have destroyed that plan by launching the next version of the iPhone in June -- the traditional product launch month for Apple.

Then, another issue Apple reportedly faced was the slow pace in ordering and securing the components for the iPhone 5.

There was a report in trade publication DigiTimes last month that said Apple asked Taiwanese company Pegatron Technologies to make 15 million iPhone 5 units in time for launch around October. That report speculated that the iPad 3 also could hit shelves in October.

Apart from such straws in the wind, there has been a solid case for the iPhone 5 launch in October. This is the fact that Apple said its iOS 5, the latest version of its operating system, will be released in the fall. Fall officially begins in the last week of September -- and for the iPhone 5 to have the iOS 5 pre-installed in it, the launch should be naturally pushed back into October.

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