• The hatchet can be used as a fast-swinging melee weapon that sacrifices range for speed
  • Berserk is a key skill that should always be taken when playing melee hatchet
  • Hatchets have certain passive skills that grant buffs whenever the user is at low health

The hatchet is a versatile weapon type that trades range for speed, letting “New World” players unleash a barrage of blows upon anything that happens to stray too close. It’s also one of the more popular weapon choices for pure DPS builds thanks to its active skills and passives.

Unlike the sword and shield, hatchets primarily focus on dealing damage. This weapon type doesn’t offer much in terms of defense (except for one particular passive skill), but it more than makes up for this shortcoming through its high DPS potential.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the hatchet in melee in “New World,” as well as some tips on how to customize it based on player preferences.

New World's PvP features a skill-based system with ability-oriented combat, manual dodging and stamina management New World's PvP features a skill-based system with ability-oriented combat, manual dodging and stamina management Photo: Amazon Game Studios

Melee Hatchet Build

The hatchet’s most unique melee skill is Berserk, which grants a 20% damage bonus to the user for a moderate duration. This skill can be made even better by unlocking its associated perks. With enough points, players will be able to move faster, break through CC effects and regenerate health.

Always take Berserk when using the hatchet as a melee weapon.

Feral Rush is a great gap closer that also works as an attack filler since it has such a short cooldown. Use it to engage or chase enemies and feel free to use it liberally.

Raging Torrent, on the other hand, demands more patience since it can be canceled when players get hit. This skill works best when enemies are stunned or are busy attacking teammates.

Some important passive skills to consider are:

  • Defy Death
  • Uninterruptible Berserk
  • Accumulated Power
  • Relentless Fury
  • Enraged Strikes
  • Desperate Refresh

Defy Death lets players survive fatal blows every 75 seconds while gaining three seconds of immortality. This passive works best with Desperate Refresh and Enraged Strikes as it lets players use these two abilities without worrying about dying for a short duration.

Uninterruptible Berserk is great when used in tandem with Raging Torrent as it prevents the ability from getting canceled. It also synergizes well with Accumulated Power and Relentless Fury, as it allows players to loop heavy and light attacks without getting interrupted to gain the passive skills’ bonuses.

Players can spec their attribute points primarily into Strength, as the hatchet scales the most off of it. Extra Dexterity is good, but points for this stat should only be acquired from weapons and armor pieces.