• Healers should attack enemies whenever they aren't healing allies
  • Players should pair a life staff with a complementary secondary weapon
  • They should have some form of mana regeneration ready at all times

Healers sit at the core of every party in “New World.” The sustain that these party members provide are essential in all levels of PvE and PvP content, especially for Expeditions.

Despite sounding simple on paper, playing as a healer demands quite a bit of attention. Players must keep track of enemy aggro, positioning, team-wide HP, mana reserves and their own damage output in order to be as effective as possible.

Here are some tips on how to play as a healer and an overview of how to use the Life Staff in “New World.”

Team up with friends to conquer New World's many dangerous Expeditions Team up with friends to conquer New World's many dangerous Expeditions Photo: Amazon Game Studios

Healer Tips And Tricks

Ideally, healers should be using light or medium armor to increase the potency of their healing abilities. However, heavy armor can also be worn if players find themselves constantly swarmed, or if they want to supplement their healing with crowd control effects from war hammers or ice gauntlets.

Healing allies might be the priority, but healers should also try to deal damage to enemies as much as possible. Be careful not to steal aggro from the tank, however. This can be avoided by slotting Carnelian gems into armor pieces to reduce threat generation on attacks.

Lastly, always bring a secondary weapon that complements preferred playstyles. A healer can bring a sword and shield for extra self-protection or an ice gauntlet to help lock enemies in place. Picking a good secondary weapon can help maximize either DPS or utility.

Life Staff Builds

Players who want to focus purely on the healing aspect of the Life Staff will want to take all active abilities under the Healing tree and prioritize these passive effects:

  • Absolved
  • Blissful Touch OR Mending Touch
  • Divine Embrace – Rebound
  • Sacred Ground – Blessed
  • Divine Blessing

This will make Life Staff attacks cost no mana to perform and either cleanse debuffs or heal allies for 20% of the healer’s weapon damage.

Divine Embrace is a good single-target heal that can affect up to two other party members if they are below 50% health. This should only be used whenever a party member is low on health. Use basic attacks, Sacred Ground and Divine Blessing to keep the team topped off on HP.

Players who want to play a buff/support role should take all of the Protector trees active abilities and the following passives:

  • Orb of Protection – Aegis
  • Protector’s Strength
  • Light’s Embrace - Connection
  • Glowing Focus
  • Magnify
  • Absolved