• The Ice Gauntlet excels at ranged crowd control and utility
  • The weapon lacks any single-target damage options
  • Ice gauntlets are great secondary weapons for tanks and healers

The last of the magic-based weapons in “New World” is the Ice Gauntlet, which is a hybrid DPS/utility weapon that’s great for a wide variety of builds and loadouts.

As its name suggests, the Ice Gauntlet conjures ice to slow and damage enemies or protect the user from harm. Players can get a surprising amount of use from ice gauntlets even without putting points into Intelligence, though those who want to deal as much damage with this weapon will want to focus on improving that stat as much as possible.

Early on, ice gauntlets can be a little hard to get used to, especially when perk access is limited. Here’s a quick guide on how to use this weapon and one build that’s generally good for most content.

New World's flexible class system allows players to specialize in almost any role they want New World's flexible class system allows players to specialize in almost any role they want Photo: Amazon Game Studios

How To Use The Ice Gauntlet

Like other magic weapons, players should always have some form of mana regeneration when using the Ice Gauntlet, especially in the early game. Food and potion buffs will carry players through the Ice Gauntlet’s mana-hungry abilities until they get their mana regen skills from the skill trees.

This weapon excels at crowd control and sustained AoE damage. Its damage against single targets may be a little lacking, so be sure to bring a secondary weapon like the Rapier to compensate.

Don’t be afraid to use the Ice Gauntlet simply for its utility. Even tanks that spec points into Strength and Constitution can get great value from ice gauntlets simply because of their ability to slow enemies.

Ice Gauntlet Build

  • Active Skills
    • Ice Storm
    • Ice Shower
    • Entomb
  • Passives
    • Critical Rejuvenation
    • Punishing Storm
    • Enduring Shower
    • Gathering Storm

This build focuses on mass crowd control while dealing strong damage to all enemies affected by Ice Storm and Ice Shower. Both abilities are great for locking groups of enemies in place in Expeditions and they’re particularly useful in large PvP scenarios.

Entomb will be the main survivability tool of this build. Feel free to put points into Strengthened Tomb and Cleansing Tomb if the need arises.

Ice Spikes is not recommended for any build because of how difficult it is to hit. Meanwhile, Wind Chill can be taken in lieu of Ice Storm for more DPS but since it’s a channeled ability, players must be careful not to get hit while casting it.