• An unpatched exploit from the open beta has led to the temporary closure of "New World's" wealth transfer systems
  • A new exploit was discovered immediately after gold trading was disabled
  • "New World's" player count has fallen drastically since its launch

Amazon Games Studio disabled the in-game item market in “New World” after players were found exploiting a bug to duplicate gold, leading to frustration within the playerbase.

The exploit involves abusing “New World’s” laggy netcode to essentially multiply gold within the trading posts found within all of the game’s towns. This bug has been present since the open beta phase of “New World,” according to Player Auctions, disappointing many of the game’s early testers and avid fans.

Due to this, all forms of wealth transfer have been disabled for the time being. This includes peer-to-peer gold trading, currency mailing, guild treasuries and any transaction involving trading posts.

New World's flexible class system allows players to specialize in almost any role they want
New World's flexible class system allows players to specialize in almost any role they want Amazon Game Studios

Amassing vast sums of money through an exploit can easily destroy an MMO’s player-run economy. “New World’s” economy in some servers seems to have tanked as prices of trading goods were previously spotted to have deflated drastically.

Whether or not this effect was caused by players abusing this gold duplication glitch is debatable, but some have been complaining about how stingy the game was with its rewards, which ultimately gave many users a reason to earn gold through ill-gotten means.

As the developers continue their investigation into this gold duplication exploit, players have already found another way to dupe their money. On the official “New World” subreddit, user xAleksas posted another exploit that involved town upgrades that would somehow reimburse unspent funds to players.

It has been over a month since “New World” launched, and players have been constantly discovering new bugs that could drastically affect overall game health and balance.

Previously, users found that players could be rendered invulnerable if they play on windowed mode and drag their game screen around. Another issue involving the ability to use HTML to link obnoxious images and game-crashing codes on the in-game chat windows was also found.

These game-breaking bugs have since been fixed, but the overall opinion of “New World” appears to have already gone sour. Over 500,000 players have since stopped playing the game, according to PCGamesN, although the reason why players left remains hard to pinpoint following the rest of “New World’s” other problems such as the lack of a proper endgame or the perceived shallowness of its content.


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