• Valuable trade goods can be found while exploring any planet
  • Quests can be taken from Mission Boards for some easy income
  • Space piracy can be very lucrative 

Money is essential in “No Man’s Sky.” From equipment upgrades to ship purchases, almost everything that a player may need to improve their intergalactic adventures can be bought with Units.

Unsurprisingly, earning copious amounts of money in this game can take quite a while, but players who know what they’re doing can earn tons of Units in a relatively short span of time. Here are some of the best ways to make money in “No Man’s Sky.”


This is the bread-and-butter of money-making tactics. Selling random items in space stations can almost always yield a profit, but a smart approach to trading can give players some generous profits if they do things correctly.

Before setting out on an expedition, try to check a nearby space station to see what items are in demand. Every system has different economies, so make station-hopping a habit when going down the space trader route.


In the “Outlaws” update, players can now smuggle contraband from outlaw systems to regulated ones. Contraband tends to fetch higher prices than normal goods, but there’s a risk of getting caught.

Players who are daring enough can make smuggling and space piracy their primary source of income. It’s not the most morally appealing option, but it's great for those who want a taste of danger.


Almost everything that a player does while exploring planets can net them a hefty sum of Units. From scavenging derelict freighters to mining valuable resources, players can make excellent use of their time by just getting lost and letting their curiosity get the better of them.

Keep an eye out for crash sites, ruins, buried data modules, sentinels and more. These could have some important resources or information that can fetch some good prices on the market.

Additionally, scan everything when arriving on a planet for the first time. The mere act of scanning and analyzing flora and fauna can yield a good amount of Units for basically zero effort.

Freight Expeditions

Players will eventually be able to send out freight ships to do some trading on their behalf. This method is somewhat slow and completely automated, which makes it a great source of passive income. It will require a bit of investment, though.

Planetary pirate raids were added to No Man's Sky in the Outlaws update
Planetary pirate raids were added to No Man's Sky in the Outlaws update Hello Games