• "No Man's Sky" heavily rewards exploration with in-game money and upgrades
  • Players will be free to pursue their goals after completing the lengthy tutorial
  • Playing with friends is highly recommended

There are tons of things to do in “No Man’s Sky,” and players who are just starting their interstellar journey can easily find themselves overwhelmed by all of the systems and mechanics they have to learn.

Surviving in the procedurally generated galaxy is going to take some effort and a lot of know-how. Here are a few tips that every beginner should know once they boot up “No Man’s Sky.”

What to do after the tutorial

The game’s lengthy tutorial will teach players all of the things they need to know to continue the rest of the game with as little hand-holding as possible. However, there are more essential mechanics to learn down the road.

After reaching the end of the tutorial, players will have to decide between taking the Artemis and Atlas story paths or simply continuing the game in free exploration mode. Choosing Atlas is highly recommended as it introduces plenty of cool lore and interesting places to explore.

Otherwise, players are free to choose their own path. “No Man’s Sky” is a game of limitless exploration after all.

Keep Life Support Gel handy

Oxygen can be deceptively hard to come by in most planets. As such, always keep a stock of Life Support Gel at the ready before diving deep inside planetary surfaces.

Keep in mind that sprinting and using jump jets will deplete the white Life Support bar faster. Use these sparingly when trying to conserve oxygen.

Do missions and bounties

Space stations are filled with NPCs. Most of these are vendors, but some also give quests that players can complete for some nifty rewards.

Mission Boards have all sorts of jobs that players can do, from wildlife photography to cargo delivery and even mercenary work.

Summoning ships

One feature that many players tend to gloss over is the ability to summon ships and other vehicles from anywhere on a planet.

Apart from making overall travel times much lower, this also gives players the opportunity to seek shelter when they’re out in the wilderness. The next time a radiation storm rolls in, make sure to summon a vehicle to prevent any unnecessary resource usage.

Vehicles can be summoned via the Quick Menu.

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