• Exocrafts appear when Geobays are constructed
  • Different Exocrafts have unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Exocrafts can be summoned to the player's position if conditions are met

Using a starship to explore planetary surfaces in “No Man’s Sky” may be fast, but it comes with its own set of challenges. From launch fuel usage to landing zone trouble, Travelers might find that flying around in a spaceship may not be the most efficient way to explore.

Exocrafts exist specifically for these problems. These terrestrial vehicles are designed for planetary exploration, granting more mobility without the inherent issues of flying a ship.

There are a number of Exocrafts to choose from, and thankfully, they aren’t too hard to obtain. Here’s a quick guide on how to build and manage land and sea vehicles in “No Man’s Sky.”

How to craft vehicles

Unlike starships and freighters, Exocrafts can be built. They spawn together with their related Geobays, which serve as their own personal parking spots.

Geobay blueprints can be unlocked by interacting with the research station at the Space Anomaly. Players will need to purchase the blueprints for each Geobay separately, so choose wisely. Each one of them will cost 10 Salvaged Data.

Geobays are relatively easy to craft. They require three different materials, and one of them will always be Metal Plating.

Once a Geobay is placed, its associated vehicle will spawn along with it. Make sure to place Geobays in a spacious room to allow some space for the Exocraft.

The Minotaur can serve as a mechsuit and AI-controlled companion - No Man's Sky
The Minotaur can serve as a mechsuit and AI-controlled companion Hello Games

Types of Exocraft

The majority of Exocrafts available in “No Man’s Sky” are for traversing land. with the exception of one. Check them out below.

  • Roamer – Buggy-styled rover
  • Colossus – Cargo truck
  • Minotaur – General use mechsuit
  • Pilgrim – Motorcycle
  • Nautilon – Submarine

The Roamer and the Pilgrim are generally the best for casual surface exploration, while the Minotaur and Colossus are better for heavy-duty mining operations.

As the only submersible Exocraft, the Nautilon can only be used on planets with water. Additionally, it comes with its own unique Geobay called the Nautilon Chamber.

Exocraft can be summoned to the player’s location so long as its respective Geobay exists on the same planet.

To summon an Exocraft on a different planet on the same system, players need to place an Exocraft Summoning Station first. Alternatively, construct an Orbital Exocraft Materialiser above an owned Freighter.