Nokia 1
Nokia is apparently getting ready to release a smartphone and a tablet under its brand. Nokia, GSM Arena

The only Nokia device we heard in 2015 was the Android and Windows 10-powered C1. This device has not hit the store shelves yet. The latest news is that, Nokia is gearing up to release a slew of devices under its brand name, as the agreement with Microsoft has come to an end.

Nokia’s official YouTube account has uploaded a video, which is aimed at promoting the brand along with some colorful images. Apart from these, careful observation will lead to a couple of devices that we have never come across.

At about 1:16 minutes, a Nokia N1-like tablet lights up the screen. GSM Arena said this slate looks bigger when compared to the petite N1. The power button, on the other hand, has been positioned closer to the corner. Plus, a unique black spot can be seen on the tablet, whereas the N1 doesn’t have any such aspect. This clearly shows we are looking at a brand new tablet earmarked for future release.

Nokia 3
A new Nokia N1-like tablet. Nokia, GSM Arena

Apart from the tablet, a new Nokia smartphone, apparently named C1, appears on the screen with a glossy plastic chassis. Past rumors indicated that the Nokia C1 will carry a pocket-friendly 5.0-inch display, bundled with FHD screen resolution.

This handset will reportedly feature an 8.0-megapixel primary camera unit, in addition to generous 5-megapixel front-facing shooter for selfies. Under the hood, the C1 is believed to come powered by an Intel chipset and will be backed by a good 2 GB of RAM.

Nokia 2
An alleged Nokia C1 smartphone. Nokia, GSM Arena

As always, readers are advised to take the reported Nokia C1 specifications with the proverbial pinch of salt as the once-prominent tech giant has not confirmed any information so far.

Here, check out the official video showcasing the upcoming Nokia devices: (Credit: YouTube/Nokia)