Santa's high-tech sleigh has been fixed by the elves, after a forced landing near Wall Street in New York City. The sleigh developed significant problems, according to Claus, when interviewed at the Killarney Rose, in the Wall Street area earlier tonight. NORAD covered for him, maintaining a normal looking progress video. The sleigh had to employ both scram jets and go to hypersonic flight to make up its lost time.

But Santa is back on schedule now. I am fine now, but we had a little trouble with our new unstable-wing-configuration software and I was force to bring her down. It was a little rough, but the reindeer are fine, he told IBTimes' A New Yorker's Opinion.

As reported earlier, this year's sleigh is a radical new design for Claus, who was forced to move to a new unstable wing configuaration with higher maneuverability ever since the drone-wars upped the ante for his around-the-globe flight.

Do you suspect foul play? I asked Santa. Any chance some evil-doer put malware into the sleigh's high-tech programming

We doubt it, said Claus. But program cutbacks this year did force me to offshore software development. And you can never be 100 percent sure of security with a highly distributed workforce.

His latest progress can be found here.