nuans neo
The NuAns Neo Windows 10 phone has interchangeable backs. NuAns

Anyone worried that Windows 10 Mobile devices wouldn't innovate need to take a look at this. The NuAns Neo, from Trinity Inc., has already set tongues wagging thanks to a unique design that packs a thick device in unconventional materials. According to The Verge, the phone is currently planned for a Japan-only launch in January, but what's on offer shows Microsoft's platform holds promise.

The hardware represents a unique take on what a phone running Windows 10 can look like. Microsoft's Lumia 950 and 950 XL set a solid standard for the platform's potential, but design-wise broke little new ground. They're thin, with plastic backs and all-day battery life.

The NuAns Neo goes against all of that. It's chunky, clocking in at 11.3mm, and houses a battery capable of running for two days. It supports a choice of wood, suede and foldable notebook-style backs. Its box doubles up as a piggy bank. It is not a conventional phone.

It does, however, retain the same features users have come to expect from Windows 10 Mobile. Universal apps will be able to play on both mobile and desktop. Continuum expands the interface for keyboard and mouse interaction thanks to a special dock the phone rests in. But even the Continuum dock has received a makeover: the one designed for the NuAns Neo doubles up as a desk lamp.

Windows Phone has historically struggled to capture the marketplace. In the third quarter of 2015, Statista reported that Windows Phone captured less than two percent of the market. While Microsoft has taken the reins on introducing a cutting-edge flagship device, the NuAns Neo shows an interest from third parties to experiment with the platform and develop unique devices.

The NuAns Neo will retail for 39,800 yen (approximately $320), with the aforementioned backs available for a small fee.