New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with other leaders representing the region say additional federal funds are needed to improve the city’s security against nuclear devices and “dirty” bombs.

Bloomberg, along with City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and several others called for Congress to boost funding,

“We know that New York is still a target for terrorists and we aren’t going to let our guard down,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

Political figures including U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and U.S. Rep Peter King of Long Island were also in attendance at a press conference at the Citigroup Center on Manhattan’s East Side.

The group sought to “challenge” Congress to restore about $40 million in funding that it cut from its budget for next year that would have helped to surround New York with radioactivity sensors that would alert authorities before dangerous devices made it into the city.

Kelly said that the city spent $300 million of its own funds on terror security efforts in 2008, but could use more. He said the Federal government must “fully support” the Securing the Cities program which it had cut. New York would be the first city to benefit from the program, with sensors placed along highways, toll plazas, bridges, tunnels, and waterways.

Recently, New York secured $36 million in federal stimulus funds from a separate federal program that would be used to hire 100 new police officers, while shifting veterans to subway system patrol.