Occupy Wall Street has grown from a small protest against Big Business in New York City to a global movement protesting corporate greed, political corruption and (more and more in recent weeks) police abuses and brutality.

Some of the most notable artifacts of the Occupy movement so far however, have not been the various camps' vague demands, the demonstrators' scheduled marches, or even photos of clashes with the police at Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland since the protests began two month ago, with more arrests and police raids happening every day.

It has been the Occupy art. Occupy Wall Street was filled with amateur art galleries and a public library stuffed with books and magazines, and many photos have captured some of the brilliant, funny or just plain confusing signs held by some of the protesters.

But several of the Occupy movements around the world, from NYC and Boston to Teipei and Berlin, have crafted Occupy Wall Street posters that go beyond the message (or messages) of their group and are simply striking works of protest art.

Here, see 11 beautiful posters to represent the 11 countries caught up in the Occupy protests. Some of these pieces were chosen for their expressiveness, others for their provocative nature, and still others for simply being engaging pieces of artwork. Click through, the relive the artists' perspectives of the Occupy Wall Street movement so far.